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Sonocaddie V500
Learn more about the Sonocaddie V500 Pre-loaded touchscreen model combines best of all golf GPS features
• Preloaded with Color Course Layouts for US Courses
• Sunlight Viewable Touch Screen
• 3'' Sunlight Viewable Touch Screen
• No Annual Fees, No Membership Fees
• Over 40,000+ Courses Worldwide Available
• Optional Package for Satellite Imagery and Video Flyovers
Learn more about the Sonocaddie V500

Sonocaddie Smartphone App
Sonocaddie V300 Plus

Learn more about Sonocaddie App

Learn more about Sonocaddie App

Learn more about V300 Plus

Learn more about V300 Plus
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V350 Plus V350
V300 Plus V300 Auto Play V100 XV2

Improve your game with the Sonocaddie V500 Golf GPS. The V500 gives you the precise distance information you need to achieve a higher level of performance.

Preloaded Color Course Layouts and Yardage Guide
Here 's the great news, no more downloading needed! Sonocaddie V500 eliminates the downloading process by preloading all available mapped courses in your country, providing golfers with precise distance information from any point on the course. Sonocaddie 's revolutionary user interface actually shows YOUR position on the course. As you move to the next stroke location, your position is shown and the distances to each critical target are continually updated and shown in real time!
No Annual Fees
Here's even better news! With Sonocaddie there are no annual fees!
Sunlight Viewable Touch Screen
The high resolution backlight screen is viewable even in bright sunlight.
Touch Point Positioning
Sonocaddie V500 allows you to touch any point on the color layout screen or satellite image of the hole, and immediately see the distance from you to that point- and from that point to the green.
Satellite Imagery
See the actual image with yardage information when you are playing! Sonocaddie V500 provides golfers the "full picture" on each hole with satellite imagery and precise distance information from your location. The image will be adjusted to fit on one screen, so you will not need to scroll the screen to see the entire hole, for example if it is a long Par 5. Easily toggle back and forth between Satellite View and Color Layout.
Video Flyover
The V500 Video Flyover gives you a 5-second overview of the entire hole from tee to green showing you the direction and description of the fairway in advance so you can plan your strategy. Great for playing a new course or looking around a dog-leg!

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