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Our Sonocaddie V300 Golf Rangefinder Allows you to Track the Distance of Every Shot

The Sonocaddie Golf Rangefinder Distance Calculator Feature

Are you curious about your driving distance? With the Sonocaddie golf rangefinder, there is no need to wonder anymore. The useful Mark function gives you the quick, precise yardage in the palm of your hand.

Simply press one button from where you are going to or have already taken your shot, then walk to the landed ball to see just how far you hit it. No laser golf range finder can help you do that!

With Sonocaddie's revolutionary golf rangefinder, every golfer can now enjoy their own personal caddie. The Sonocaddie will help you keep track of your shot distance for every club. Analyze your shots using the Mark function and never choose the wrong club again. Start playing the best golf of your life!


The Sonocaddie Golf Rangefinder Distance Calculator Feature: Learn the Distance of All Your Shots

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