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When registering your Sonocaddie AUTO PLAY you may choose from the two options below. These plans are designed to fit your individual needs. You may change or upgrade your membership at any time for a small fee.
Package Par Member Birdie Member
One-time Subscription Fee No $39.95
Course Update Unlimited Unlimited
Storage Space in Membership Folder N/A 30 courses
Scorecard & Analysis Function N/A Yes
Warranty 3 Months One Year Extended Warranty
Sonocaddie AUTO PLAY Memberships are all non-transferable, non-refundable and cannot be prorated towards the purchase of a new membership.
This page applies only to the Sonocaddie AUTO PLAY Color GPS.
If you have a different model - please go back to and select the page for the model you own.
 Membership Benefits
Preloaded with Available Courses
No more downloading process! Auto Play clear up all the downloading processes by preloaded with available courses. However, the course information is still increasing at a daily basis. With two membership plans, you have access to updated courses regularly.
Easy Access to Course Information
With the friendliest interface, it is easy to install Sonocaddie AUTO PLAY software and link your Sonocaddie AUTO PLAY with the computer. After your registration and login are completed, you can add or remove your courses in your AUTO PLAY or in your personal storage space in the membership folder with a simple and easy click.
Activate Your Scorecard Function
Wish to know a summary of your round? Or the analyze statistics and the score with calculated rational and percentage? Digital scorecard and analysis are optional functions in Auto Play. Join our Birdie membership to activate your scorecard function!
Online Customer Service
Having trouble using Sonocaddie or updating courses? Our professional and friendly customer service department will help you find the solution via our online Membership Service.
golf caddie,Golf GPS
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