Distance to Critical Targets

This screen provides you the course map information and identifies the recorded targets on each hole. You can easily identify the precise yardage from wherever you stand on the course to any target (bunker, tree, water, etc.) without having to guess.


Sonocaddie lets you enlarge the display of the green, giving you a better look at its center, then allows you to customize the center of the green with the simple touch of a button.


The yardage book style of the displays makes mapping the course easy. The space between the two dot lines on the display indicates the fairway portion of the course and lets you clearly determine Rough Left and Rough Right. (Users can categorize either Rough/Fairway left or Rough/Fairway Right on the screen display for personal choice.)



Watch while you move towards the ball, the yardage number on the screen will constantly change while Sonocaddie continually updates the yardage to each target. (For example, if you are moving towards the bunker, the yardage number will decrease according to your new position in relation to the target)



Sonocaddie Golf GPS
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