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Course Name (Key words are available)
  Ayutthaya Golf Club
  Bangsai Country Club/A
  Bangsai Country Club/B
  Bangsai Country Club/C
  Rachakram Golf Club
  St.Andrews2000/Rayong Green Valley
  St.Andrews2000/Silky Oak
  St.Andrews2000/St. Andrews 2000
  Bangkok Golf Club/
  Bangkok Golf Club/Par 3
  Chuan Chuen Golf Club
  Kiarti Thanee Country Club
  Krisda City Golf Hillst
  Krung Kavee Golf and Country Club
  Lakewood Country Club - Rock-Wood
  Lakewood Country Club /Lake
  Lakewood Country Club /Rock
  Lakewood Country Club /Wood
  Legacy Golf Club A
  Legacy Golf Club B
  Muang Ake Vista
  Navatanee G.C.
  Panya Indra Golf Club /Gardent
  Panya Indra Golf Club /Lagoont
  Panya Indra Golf Club /Palmt
  Panya Indra Golf Club/A
  Panya Indra Golf Club/B
  Panya Indra Golf Club/C
  President Country Club /East
  President Country Club /North
  President Country Club /South
  President Country Club /West
  Rajpruek Clubt
  Royal Bangkok Sports Club
  Royal Thai Air Force Golf Course
  Royal Thai Army Sports Center\New Course
  Springfield Village Golf and SPA/Lake
  Springfield Village Golf and SPA/Mountain
  Springfield Village Golf and SPA/Valley
  Tanon Golf View and Sports Club
  Thanont Golf View and Sport Club
  The Pine Golf and Lodge
  The Royal Gems
  The UNICO Golf Course
  Windsor Park and Golf Club/A
  Windsor Park and Golf Club/B
  Windsor Park and Golf Club/C
  Windsor Park and Golf Club/D
 Bangpra Sriracha    
  Legacy Ramindra Golf Club
  Bangpakong Riverside Country Club
  Thai Country Club
  Lotus Valley Golf Resort
  Soi Dao Highland Golf Club and Resort
 Chiang Mai    
  Alpine Golf Resort
  Chiangmai Green Valley Country Club
  Chiangmai Highland Golf Club
  Chiangmai Lamphun Golf Club
  GreenValley CM (GPS data)
  Lanna Golf Course/Course1
  Lanna Golf Course/Course2
  Lanna Golf Course/Course3
  Mae Jo Golf Club
  Royal Chianmai Golf Club
  Summit Green Valley 
 Chiang Rai    
  Santiburi Country Club Chiang Rai
  Chiangmai Inthanon Golf and Natural Resort
  Gold Canyon Country Club
  Star Dome Golf Club
  Waterford Valley Chiangrai Golf Club and Resort/A
  Waterford Valley Chiangrai Golf Club and Resort/B
  Amata Spring Country Clib
  Bangphra International Golf Club
  Burapha Golf and Resort/American Wood(A)
  Burapha Golf and Resort/Britsh Lings(B)
  Burapha Golf and Resort/Crystal(C)
  Burapha Golf and Resort/Dune(D)
  Chonburi Century Country Club
  Crystal Bay Golf Club/A
  Crystal Bay Golf Club/B
  Crystal Bay Golf Club/C
  Greenwood Golf and Resort/A
  Greenwood Golf and Resort/B
  Greenwood Golf and Resort/C
  Khao Kheow Country Club/A(1~9)
  Khao Kheow Country Club/B(10~18)
  Khao Kheow Country Club/C(19~27)
  Laem Chabang International Country Club/A
  Laem Chabang International Country Club/B
  Laem Chabang International Country Club/C
  Mountain Shadow Golf Club
  Parichat Golf Links
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