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United States
  Valli Vu Golf Course
  Midway Golf Club
  Buffalo Golf Course
  Casper Country Club
  Casper Municipal Golf Club/Highlands
  Casper Municipal Golf Club/Links
  Casper Municipal Golf Club/Park
  Paradise Valley Golf Club
  Three Crowns Golf Club
  Airport Golf Course
  Cheyenne Country Club
  Little America Resort and Golf
  Prairie View Golf Course
  Olive Glenn Golf and Country Club
  Horseshoe Mountain Golf Club
  Douglas Country Club
  Antelope Hills Golf Course
  A-Bar-A Ranch Golf Course
  Purple Sage Municipal Golf Course
 Fe Warren Afb    
  F.E. Warren AFB Golf Club
  Bell Nob Golf Course
  Gillette Golf Club
  Glenrock Golf Course
 Green River    
  Rolling Green Golf Club/Inc.
  Trail Ruts Golf Course
  Devils Tower Golf Club
  Jackson Hole Golf and Tennis Club
  Snake River Sporting Club
  Teton Pines Country Club and Resort
  Fossil Island Golf Club
  Lander Golf Club
  Glen Red Jacoby Golf Club
  Jacoby Park Golf Course
  Laramie Country Club
  Niobrara Country Club
  Pine Rock Golf Course
  Salt Creek Country Club
  Paradise Valley Country Club
  Keyhole Country Club
  Newcastle Country Club
 Pine Bluffs    
  Leaning Rock Golf Course
 Pine Haven    
  Keyhole Country Club
  Rendezvous Meadows Golf
  The Powell Golf Club
  Rochelle Ranch Municipal Golf Course
  Renegade Golf Course
  Riverton Country Club
 Rock Springs    
  White Mountain Golf Course
  Old Baldy Club
  Saratoga Inn Country Club and Rv Resort
  Kendrick Golf Course
  Powder Horn Ranch and Golf Club/Eagle
  Powder Horn Ranch and Golf Club/Mountain
  Powder Horn Ranch and Golf Club/Stag
  Sheridan Country Club
  The Powder Horn Golf Club/Eagle
  The Powder Horn Golf Club/Mountain
  The Powder Horn Golf Club/Stag
  Sinclair Golf Club
  Sundance Golf Club
 Teton Village    
  Shooting Star Golf Course
  Star Valley Ranch Country Club/Aspen Hills
  Star Valley Ranch Country Club/Cedar Creek
  Star Valley RV Golf Course
  Legion Town and Country Club
  Cottonwood Country Club
  Wheatland Golf Club
  Green Hills Municipal Golf Course
  Hay Creek Golf Course
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