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Golf GPS V100 Quick Start Guide
Before downloading course information, you need to......
Step 1: Login or Join Sonocaddie Membership  
(Product Serail Number is REQUIRED to join Sonocaddie V100 membership)
Step 2: Install V100 Driver and Software in Your Computer
Step 3: Connect the USB Cable between Sonocaddie V100 and computer
Step 4: Download Course
Step 1: Login or Join the Sonocaddie Membership
A Member account is required to download course data. If you are not a member, please link to "SIGN UP NOW " on V100 Software or go to V100 website, "Member" page at to join the membership in advance.
Serial Number (S/N) is required to join Sonocaddie V100 membership.
Step 2: Install V100 Driver and Software in Your Computer
This application software here for you to access to course information and manage your V100 personalized course folder. Please install it from enclosed CD or from website at
(System Support: Microsoft Windows 2000/ XP/ Vista)
A. Press "Sonocaddie V100" button to install V100 driver and software.

B. After completed installation, please press "Close" to finish. Sonocaddie logo will be on your desktop. Double click the icon will start "Sonocaddie V100" software.
Step 3: Connect the USB Cable between Sonocaddie V100 and Computer
A. Turn on Sonocaddie V100.
B. Connect the USB Cable between Sonocaddie V100 and computer.
C. Please select "Link" from "Main" menu on your V100.
Please make sure you have selected "Link" from "Main" menu on your V100 unit.
Click button on V100 Software to complete connection process.

Step 4: Download Course
Log in membership to enter V100 Software.
Important !
The Internet connected is required to log in V100 Software to access course data.
It is required to fill in the your email account and password to run V100 Software. They are same with the account you to registered your member account.
The interface of V100 Software

A. Linking Status:

B. Information bar:

User's name/ Type of Membership Plan/ Membership Valid Period/ Registered Country

C. Course Tab: (link to Sonocaddie database) for downloading course data.
Step1.Please select the Country and State, fill in the Course Name then press "GO" to search the course you want transferring form the search results.
Step2.Check one or more box of the course(s) and press "Download" button to transfer the courses to V100 device.

D. V100 Tab:

When linking with V100 device, the course data/ track record(s) on the device is ready to uploaded, deleted and reviewed (track record only)
- Upload: You could upload the course GPS (10 courses) and Track (10 records) data to "My Folder" tab.
- Delete: Tick one or more box of data, press "Delete" button to remove the data.
- Review (Track only):Review tracks and analysis of your round(s).
To review track record, please press "Track" button on the top of the display, then tick the record you want to review. Just press the "Review" button, and the tracks will show on the display for you to refer your game. You could only review the track record under "My Folder" tab.

E. My Folder Tab:
It is the personal folder to manage your data. You may upload the course GPS info(up to 10 courses) and Track (10 records) data or review Track data from your V100 unit to this area depending on the membership program. (Par level user has NO access to "My Folder" unless the membership upgraded.)
It is not available to download course(s) from Course Tab area to My Folder directly. Every downloading process must go through your Sonocaddie V100 device.

F. GPS/ Track button:

The same course data list on V100 unit. You could switch to review the data by simply pressing the buttons.

G. Know more about the functions:

These buttons will link you to Sonocaddie V100 website for further information and assistance.
Important !
Expired membership is not allowed to access to V100 Software unless the membership renewed. Sonocaddie system would remind you by email prior the expiration date. To acquire further information or assistance, please go to or email to for help.

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