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With Sonocaddie's Handheld Golf GPS, You'll Never Need a Paper Scorecard Again

The Sonocaddie Handheld Golf GPS Digital Scorecard Features

Purchase a Sonocaddie V300 handheld golf GPS and replace that clumsy paper scorecard for good. The Sonocaddie will automatically calculate the total score with the simple touch of a button. Easily review how you did on the front and back nine. After the full 18 holes, Sonocaddie will present you with a summary of your round and even analyze your game. Our handheld golf GPS can provide you with much more information than a simple paper scorecard. Keep track of your important stats, like how often your tee shots landed on the fairway, the percentage of holes where you earned par, and much more.


The Sonocaddie Handheld Golf GPS Digital Scorecard and Game Analysis Features

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