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  Golf Club de Kluizen
  Cleydael Golf Club
  Golf Club dAndenne
  Golf du Mont Garni
  Golf de 7 Fontaines
  Sept Fontaines /La Foret
  Sept Fontaines /Le Chateau
  Brasschaat Open Gand CC
  Bossenstein Golf and Country Club
  Bossenstein Golf and Polo Club
  Brusselse Golf Club Academy
  Royal Amicale Anderlecht Golf Club
  Krokkebaas -Buggenhout
  Damme Golf and Country Club
  Royal Ostend Golf Club
  Duisburg Military Golf Club
  Golf de Durbuy
  Golf Club De Drie Eycken
  Golf Club Enghien
  Royal Golf Club du Hainaut/Black
  Royal Golf Club du Hainaut/Blue
  Royal Golf Club du Hainaut/Yellow
  Golf Club du Hainaut Bruyere-Etang
  Golf Club Florennes Avia
  Golf Club de Pierpont
  Club de Golf Mergelhof
  Spiegelven Golf Club Genk
  Golf School Gent
  International Gomze Golf Club
  Antwerp Int. Golf and Country Club Rinkven/Blue
  Antwerp Int. Golf and Country Club Rinkven/Red
  Antwerp Int. Golf and Country Club Rinkven/White
  Antwerp Int. Golf and Country Club Rinkven/Yellow
  Golf du Bercuit
  Golf Club Avernas
  Nippon Golf and Business Flanders Club/18 holes
  Nippon Golf and Business Flanders Club/9 holes
  Golf and Business Club Henri-Chapelle/Le Charlemagne
  Golf and Business Club Henri-Chapelle/Les Viviers
  Golf and Country Club De Palingbeek
  Limburg Golf and Country Club
  Golf Club Chateau Royal dArdenne
  Ieper Open Golf
  Golf Club Steenpoel
 Kallo (Beveren)     
  Golfclub Beveren
  Golf and Business Club Kampenhout
  Royal Antwerp Golf Club/18 Holes
  Royal Antwerp Golf Club/9 Holes
  Keerbergen Golf Club
  Royal Zoute G.C. /Inside Course
  Royal Zoute G.C. /Outside Course
  Golf Club De Liege-Bernalmont
  Royal Golf Club du Sart-Tilman
  Lilse Golf Club
  Golf Club Louvain-la-Neuve
  Golf de Falnuee
  Five Nations Golf Club
  Brabantse Golf Club
  Golf Club Nuclea Mol
  Kempense Golf Club
  Chateau de la Tournette/L Americain
  Chateau de la Tournette/L Anglais
  Olen Golf Club
  Royal Waterloo La Marache
  Royal Waterloo Le Lion
  Golf Oudenaarde/Anker
  Golf Oudenaarde/Kasteel
  Overijse Golf Club
  Millennium Golf
  Golf du Haras ASBL
  Steenhoven Golf and Country Club
  Golf de Rougemont
  Cleydael Golf and Country Club
  La Bruyere Golf Club
  Rinkven International Golf Course/Championship
  Rinkven International Golf Course/Old
  Winge Golf and Country Club
  Royal Golf Club des Fagnes
  Royal Latem Golf Club
  The Green House
  Royal Golf Club de Belgique/New Course
  Royal Golf Club de Belgique/Old Course
  Golf Club dHulencourt
  Golf de Rigenee
  Waregem Happy Golf Club
  Golf du Chateau de la Bawette
  Golf Club LEmpereur
  Ternesse Golf and Country Club/Course A
  Ternesse Golf and Country Club/Course B
  Ternesse Golf and Country Club/Course C
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