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How to Download Golf GPS Software V300 Plus Quick Start Guide
*Important Note: Registration is required for using your V300 Plus. You may use your V300 Plus five times only before you must register your free membership!
Step 1. Install Sonocaddie V300 Plus Software

1. Follow the instructions on setup wizard to finish the installation.

2. Once the installation has finished, please go to the desktop and click on the Sonocaddie V300 Plus icon.
Step 2. Register Your Membership & Unlock Unit

*Note: You may use your V300 Plus five times before you must register your membership. After five-time uses, the V300 Plus unit will be locked and remain in locked status until your registration is completed. To register and unlock V300 Plus please follow the instructions below.

1. After the software has been downloaded, please complete the Membership Registration form on screen.
The email address you entered will be your login ID. (Note: Product serial number underneath the battery is required for the registration.)
2. When Sonocaddie Login Screen appears, please turn on V300 Plus unit and connect it to your computer with USB cable.
3. Login to the software with your email address & password, and the V300 Plus Management Screen will soon appear.

4. All registration and unit unlock process will have been successfully completed when you see the bar running between the graphics of device and PC.
Step 3. Download Your Course Layouts
1. When the Sonocaddie Management Screen appears, you can search the course by its location or name under the SonoCourse tab.
2. Check the box beside the course(s) and click “Download”, the dialogue box will pop out to ask which kind of maps you prefer to download: color map, satellite imagery or both of them.
*Note: If you downloaded more than one course, you can check “Yes to All” to follow the previous choice.
3. When all the options are set, the course(s) will appear in “My Course”. It will take few minutes for this process.

If you choose to download both maps, you would get two courses listed on the device, and the one with satellite imagery will have "*" sign in front of the course name.
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