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Mission Statement
At Sonostar, our mission is to provide our customer with the latest advances in golf caddy GPS technology and exceptional customer service. Our golf GPS units will improve your game and increase your enjoyment.

We strive to be leaders in high quality creation, and development of new products. Breakthrough ideas and innovations are what give us our competitive edge. Sonostar is a great developer of technology with a strong financial backbone, enabling us to maintain a competitive edge.
Company Philosophy
Sonostar, a leader in golf GPS systems, employs the most talented research and development engineers to bring you the latest in GPS technology and other related microprocessor products. Sonostar was founded with the vision of creating affordable microprocessor solutions designed to merge advanced technology into sports activities to help players achieve a higher level of performance.

Customer service is our top priority. Sonostar focuses on delivering high quality products and impeccable customer service to our golf GPS customers worldwide, including in the United States, Europe, and Asia. By constantly examining the great game of golf, Sonostar aims to help golfers increase their enjoyment of the game by helping them improve their play.

Thank you for your interest in Sonostar ! Learn more about our Golf GPS products by taking a look at our site.
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