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How to Download Golf GPS Software
How to Start V500?
Before using Sonocaddie V500, please follow the steps (please note: each of the steps is required) below to active your V500.
Step 1. Register a V500 Member Account

To use your V500 first time, you must have a V500 member account.
Simply register a membership at and select “Register.” Follow the instructions to complete the registration.

You need the Serial Number (S/N) of your V500 to register your member. It is located on the back of the V500 under the battery.

Step 2. Install V500 driver

Install V500 Driver from CD included (see picture 1) or V500 website at
Note: The Driver is for connecting your V500 and computer only. Please check V500 driver from program files after completing the installation (see picture 2).

Step 3. Login your Member Information in V500
After completing the installation, please turn on V500 and connect the USB cable between V500 and computer (Please note that internet connection is required.), and then login your member information to start. (Note: The login process must be done using the touch screen keyboard in the V500. HINT: A golf tee will work well on the screen keyboard.)
Step 4. Calibrate V500 Touch Screen
The first time you use your Sonocaddie V500, please go to "Settings" in the Main Menu and select "Touch Calibration" to calibrate V500 Touch Screen.
How to Download New Courses?
The color course layouts in your country are preloaded in V500. If the courses you play are not in the device, please email to We are pleased to map them for you. After we notify you that the course is available to download, please follow the steps below to download the course into your V500.
Step 1. Connect V500 and your computer
Connect the USB cable between V500 and computer (Please note that internet connection is required.), and then select “Link” from Main menu to start the linking.
Step 2. Key in your password
Key in your password (your email account will be defaulted when you login in V500 first time) with the screen keyboard and then press “Login” to connect Sonocaddie course data.
Step 3. Download Courses

Search the “Country, State, and City” to get the course list and select the course you want to download.
(NOTE: The course you download will be stored in the “My Course” folder.)

*Note: No icon on the list indicates that only displays the “Hole-Info” screen with yardage guide by default.

*The storage of My Course for downloads:
Up to 100 courses with color layouts and satellite imagery.

Note: The number of courses downloaded depends on the size of each course file,especially video flyover.

A course package (credit) is required if you would like to download the Satellite Imagery & Flyover. Please refer to for more detailed information.
Color Layout Satellite Imagery Video Flyover
Contact Us
If you have any question,please feel free to contact us at, or live customer service at 603-898-0004 between 8:30 and 4:30 PM Eastern Time Monday-Friday. We are pleased to answer your Sonocaddie Golf GPS questions and help you to know your Sonocaddie better.
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